Mozilla Security Found Flaws in Google Chrome Security

The open-source browser team –Mozilla Security– found security flawson its rival browser, Google Chrome. A post from the Google Chrome blog said that there’s a flaw in the V8 Javascript engine of Chrome that might allow specially-created Javascript on a web page to read unauthorized memory and bypass security checks. They released a patch to fix the flaw as the threat could lead in disclosing unauthorized data to the attackers.

The severity of the flaw is high as attackers might be able to run arbitrary code within the Google Chrome sandbox. Another fix Google Chrome had tweaked was that Google Chrome will no longer connects to HTTPS (SSL) sites whose certificates are signed hashing algorithms, particularly MD2 or MD4 since these algorithms are weak and might allow attackers spoofing an invalid site as a valid HTTPS site.

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Open Book Alliance Against Google

This is another threat against Google as three Tech giants: Yahoo, Microsoft, and Amazon are trying to stop the search giant in creating the largest virtual library.

According to BBC News, the tree tech giants oppose a legal settlement that could make Google the main source for many online works. The Open Book Alliance is run by the Internet Archive and fears that Google is trying to monopolize the library system. The debatable issue is actually a revenue sharing deal which Google settled with authors and publishers to allow their contents to be archived on Google Books.

Let’s recall that Microsoft just recently partnered with Yahoo and closed a deal with Nokia to compete Google in the search engine market and mobile office apps, respectively.

As Google said: “The Google Books settlement is injecting more competition into the digital books space, so it’s understandable why our competitors might fight hard to prevent more competition.” Isn’t it one of the countermeasures of Google against the marketing strategies of Microsoft to put down the search giant? I think it is.

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