What Is The Role Of Virtualization In Cloud Computing?


The combination of hardware and software engineering that creates Virtual Machines (VMs) and enables multiple operating systems to run on the same platform. In the field of Information Technology, the fundamental change happening is Cloud Computing.

Virtualization is the backbone of Cloud Computing; Cloud Computing brings efficient benefits as well as makes it more convenient with the help of Virtualization, not only this, it also provides solutions for great challenges in the field of data security and privacy protection. Virtualization is the imitation of hardware within a software program. The role of multiple computers is allowed on a single computer. In a file or a web server, the usage of purchase, maintenance, depreciation, energy and floor space is double, but by creating virtual web or file server all of our objectives are fulfilled like the use of hardware resources to its maximum, flexibility, improvement in security, reduced cost. Efficient use of resources, increased security, portability, problem free testing, easier manageability, increased flexibility, fault isolation, rapid deployment are the benefits of virtualization.

Virtualization in Cloud Computing:

  • For combining local and network resources data storage virtualization.
  • For grouping physical storage devices into the single unit
  • For reaching the high level of availability or improving availability using virtualization
  • Improving performance using virtualization
  • Using virtualization using stripping and caching
  • Capacity improvement

A central computer hosting an application to multiple users, preventing the need for installing software repeatedly on every system is virtualization in Cloud Computing. The data from different hard drives, USB drives, and databases are merged into one location increasing its accessibility and security.

The creation of virtual hardware, software, or an operating system or a storage or network device is virtualization in cloud computing. In IT virtual changes occur more rapidly than in a physical environment. The changes occurring has to be managed, such changes are scalable and agile because of virtualization in Cloud Computing.

Importance of Virtualization:

For the maintenance of resources in cloud computing environment, virtualization is a necessity as it makes it easier. Virtualization in Cloud Computing increases security as it protects both the integrity of guest virtual machines and cloud components. Cloud Component virtualized machines can also be scaled up or down on demand or can provide reliability. Resource Sharing, high utilization of pooled resources, rapid provisioning are also some of the factors Managed Service Provider VA provides.

Reasons why you should use Managed Service Provider VA:

  • Simplified Management
  • Reduced system administrative work
  • Resource Optimization
  • It saves Money
  • Easier software installation
  • Data center consolidation and decreased power consumption
  • Testing of CD’s live without even burning them
  • Better use from the hardware
  • Increased CPU utilization
  • Virtual machine can run on any x86 server
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