Steps to plan for your technology purchases


For any business, the process of procuring new IT equipment is the most critical task. It is also costly for most business to conduct IT assessments and invest in technology thus making the decision more complicated and time-consuming. No company would want to find out that the technology they have invested in is of no use to them. As businesses are more focused on methods to generate revenue, they are no or little knowledge of IT and its trends. It often leads to enterprises make a wrong choice on the technology.

Besides poor IT knowledge, lack of proper or no planning is the topmost reason why businesses make bad IT purchase decisions. A skilled IT services company would agree that the best way to go about the technology purchasing process is a thorough business assessment. To put it into simple words, an IT assessment is a complete review of a business’s current IT system and future IT needs. The evaluation is done keeping in mind the company’s plans and goals for growth. Many IT consultants are of the opinion that all the tech purchases made in the company should be based on the IT needs assessment.

Here is how a business can make an informed IT purchase.

Assess your workflow:
The first and foremost step is to understand the workflows and IT requirements of each department. Here, it is essential to comprehend how each department works and uses technologies. Then, pin out the technical problems faced by each department. After thoroughly examining the business workflow and existing technological support, contemplate how your business will look like in the coming year. How the technical needs of your business will evolve.

Review existing technology:
The next step is to review the technology your business currently has. Do a thorough SWEAT test of the IT infrastructure to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your technology. Find out if the technology you have can counter the problems identifies during the first phase of IT assessment.

Consider alternatives:
Since IT purchase involves incurring colossal investment, it is best first to figure out any possible alternatives. There might be chances that the technological issues faced the business can be resolved by making changes in the operations.

Assess your resources:
After the ground level assessment, if there is a need for new technology, take into account the resources you have in hand. How much time and money you have to make an IT purchase can influence your decision significantly. In case you can’t afford to invest in technology that can address all the IT issues faced by the company, prioritize your needs list and buy the technology your business can’t function well with. But only purchase technology is not everything. One has to consider the resources needed to implement the technology and maintain it. In most cases, poor IT implementation plan results in failure of tech projects.

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